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Name: Ourbloggerlists
Website Title: Ourbloggerlists - Submit Your Blog Here!
Category: Internet Stuff
Country: Malaysia
Website: http://www.ourbloggerlists.blogspot.com
Site Description:
A place where you can submit your blog and increase your traffic. Submit your blog here and take your time to meet other bloggers from around the world.

Name: Mrdaha
Website Title: My Life (",)
Category: Personal
Country: Malaysia
Website: http://www.mrdaha.blogspot.com
Site Description:
My personal blog where I put my own thought, perception and perspective towards what is happening around me.

Name: Skycatcherz
Website Title: Legendary Tales of Skycatcherz
Country: Malaysia
Website: http://www.skycatcherz.blogspot.com
Site Description:
A blog about my personal life. I share my experiences and hardship that I face with my reader. A journey from being legend to LEGENDARY!

Common Guidelines

  • First, copy and paste our banner in your blog. We will approve your submission when we see our banner in your site.

  • Check to see if your site is already listed in Ourbloggerlist by typing "yoursitename.com" or "keywords" in our search box. Also check the directory category at which you submitted your URL. If you do not find your site listed, then proceed to submit it.
  • You may submit to one category only. Please choose the most appropriate category for your site.
  • Submitting your site multiple times per category will not improve your chances of being listed and will result in permanent exclusion from the directory. Sites submitted to wrong or broad categories will not be accepted.
  • Do not submit individual pages of your site. Ourbloggerlists is a human indexed directory. Multiple page submissions from one domain are not accepted and may result in your site being banned permanently. If Individual pages of a domain or redirected domain URLs are submitted all the submissions by the account will be immediately deleted.
  • Description of site must be in English, 30 words or less, described in the 3rd person, and no ad descriptions.

Do not submit

  • Mirror pages or Doorway pages
  • Adult, Warez, Hacking or Cracking Sites or sites with Illegal Content of any kind.
  • Sites with Profanity, Racism or Hatred anywhere on the site.
  • Sites with error pages
  • Under construction sites.
  • Website full of Affiliate links.
  • Affiliate Rebranding websites ( by using webAPIs, Datafeeds and so on)

Submissions may not be accepted:

  • if it deals with pornographic contents, hate materials and unlawful practice.
  • if the entry is in all capital letters.
  • if every word is capitalized, in the sites title or description.
  • if there are symbols, in the sites title or description.
  • if there is excessive punctuation marks or keywords in the sites title or description.
  • if anything to boost your sites listing is used..

Ourbloggerlists can not be held responsible for the content of pages listed because website content changes over time. If you find any offensive pages listed please contact us with the URL, link information and your comments and we will remove the offensive listing immediately.

Editors reserve the right to reject any directory submission for any reason, as well as to remove entries or move them to other categories at any time and we reserve the right to edit your site's title and description and keywords. "Ourbloggerlists" may change the terms and conditions of the Service at its discretion and shall accordingly notify you of the changes from time to time.

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